Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Clause, Niagara Falls, and Grama's 99th Birthday Party

Happy December!

I'm behind on my blog so I'm cramming a lot into one post.

Last Thursday, Jamie, Amanda, mum and I took Noah and Logan to visit Santa.  This is going to be Logan's first Christmas, so it was his first time visiting Santa.  Let me just say something about this baby - you can say I'm biased but I've worked with kids for fifteen years so I've had a lot of experience - he is the best baby ever.  EVER.  He is the happiest little soul, always smiling and laughing, he's just the best.  We all wondered how he would react to Santa - I was sure he'd try to pull his beard off because he's grabby and moves super fast, so we were relieved to see Santa's beard was real.  Noah went first, being an old pro and all, then Logan.  He sat and stared at Santa for a minute, then the photographer and Amanda got his attention and he was all smiles.  Next was both boys and my god, they are the cutest pair and the pictures turned out fantastic.

The next day was Jamie's birthday and the big surprise Amanda and I had been planning for the past couple of weeks.  Jamie knew we were going away, just not where, and I can't believe we managed to keep it a secret that whole time.  We set out early, dropped off the kids with Amanda's sister and nieces, and headed for Niagara Falls.  When we found our hotel and checked in, we were thrilled to see that we were about a 5-minute walk from Clifton Hill and everything we wanted to do.  We headed out right away, got our Fun Passes and hit Ripley's Believe It or Not.  After that, we went to the arcade (part of the Fun Pass is that you get 5 tokens for the arcade, plus there's 2 rides in the arcade that are included in the Pass) and played a few games.  Jamie won 1605 tokens on the Wheel of Fortune game, and Amanda and I each won some, which we exchanged (on Saturday morning) for some fun stuff.  Then we had dinner and went on the rides (FX theatre, one of those things where they strap you in and you sit in front of a screen and the seats move so it feels like you're on a ride), and Ghost Blasters 3D ride where you sit in little cars and go around in the dark and 'shoot' ghosts lol. 

After that, we headed to Movieland Wax Museum.  We had so much fun, taking pics posed with the 'stars' and laughing like lunatics.  The place was practically empty so we could take our time and have a lot of fun.  From there, we made our way down to the Falls, stopping along the way to check out the festival of lights.  When we were done there, we went back to the SkyWheel and rode around.  Jamie and I really enjoyed it, but Amanda was terrified.  When we were done on the Wheel, we made our way back to our hotel, where we could see the fireworks, and had cupcakes for Jamie's birthday.  It was a super day and we can't wait to go back again, hopefully in the spring or summer, and do all the stuff we didn't get to do this time.

This is my favorite picture of the whole weekend:

If you want to see the rest of the pictures, the albums are on my Facebook here, here and here.

We came back Saturday, and Sunday was Grama's 99th birthday party.  Lots of family and friends came, it was really a wonderful tribute to her to see so many of the people who love her come to celebrate her life.  She's such an incredible woman, a lady in every sense of the word, and we're all so blessed to have her.

My favorite pic from that day - Grama with three of her four grandchildren, Jeff (my cousin), Jamie (my brother), and me, and two of her four great-grandchildren (Noah and Logan)

If you'd like to see the rest of the pics, you can check them out here.

I've spent this whole week trying to get caught up on stuff.  I haven't had time to do much writing between doing errands, starting to get ready for Christmas and other stuff.  I did write a new article night before last for HubPages weekly HubMob topic Health and Fitness, which you can read here:

Health and Fitness: Overcoming Setbacks When Trying to Lose Weight

A few random little things just to throw in: I'm trying to get back on track with my weight loss.  I was disgusted with how I looked in my Niagara Falls pics.  I gained some weight back over the summer and even though it wasn't a huge amount, I really notice it and I cringe when I see pics of myself.  I had just finally got to a place where I was liking how I looked in pictures and I foolishly let myself slip back into old habits.  I've done well the last two days though, worked out both days and watched what I ate.  Another little random: I've been in touch lately with one of my cousins, Bertha, who lives about an hour away.  My dad was the youngest of 16 kids so I have a HUGE family on his side, and Bertha is one of my dad's many brother's daughters.  Most of our family lives in New Brunswick so I very rarely get to see them, and even with Bertha just living an hour away, it's been years since we last saw her.  I've had her on Facebook for quite some time but we've just recently started messaging each other back and forth and now we're emailing.  It's exciting to re-connect with family.  If you've ever read my blog, I'm sure you can tell that my family is my whole world, there's nothing more important than them.  Bertha's been a huge supporter of my writing, which is wonderful because my support system so far basically consists of mum and Amanda and it's such a difficult profession that I can use all the support I can get!

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