Friday, January 7, 2011

First Week of 2011 = A Success!

So far, the first week of 2011 has been excellent for me.  I've been really productive, have stuck to my goals and I'm learning a lot. 

I'm participating in the HubPages Money Grows on Hubs contest, writing about personal finance.  The prizes are terrific and I'm aiming to win at least one at some point during the month.  So far, I've written 3 articles and have ideas for about 6 others.  My first three are:
How to Understand Your Personal Finances
Knowing the Facts About Credit Cards
My Personal Battle With Credit Card Debt

And last week on HubPages, I wrote Eye Health: The Importance of Eyesight for the HubMob weekly topic, since January is Eye Health month.

My latest Squidoo lenses are:
Books I've Read From the BBC's 100 Best Books List 
Why I Love Squidoo

I also published my first article on Suite101 in almost 2 months.  I'd been concentrating so much on HubPages and Squidoo that I sort of neglected Suite101.  This is the article I published this morning:
The Possible Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Other than writing, I've been doing really well with my workouts, and fairly well with healthy eating.  I've worked out every day except for Wednesday when Amanda and Logan were here all day, but chasing Logan around is exercise in itself!

I've been reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  I had heard a few things about the law of attraction and bringing good things into your life, the power of positivity, etc, so decided I'd learn more.  I'm really enjoying the book and I'm learning a lot so far.  I even started keeping a new journal (I have so many, one for day-to-day stuff, one for work stuff and notes, one for my weight loss journey, and now this new one), sort of a positivity/good thoughts/gratitude journal and I'm writing notes from the book, my own thoughts, positive affirmations, etc.  I figure we can all handle being a bit more - or a lot more - positive, and learn to be happy and think good things for ourselves and others.  People get so wrapped up in the negative stuff, but with a little effort, we can train our brains to be positive, do away with negativity and only think good thoughts, and those good thoughts will come back to us and bring us good stuff.  What do we have to lose by trying?  I personally feel better already.

I hope everyone else is having a good, productive first week of 2011!


  1. Good job on such a productive start to 2011! Just imagine how much you will have accomplished this time next year! :) BTW, Suite went up on revenue incentives in case you didn't know. Now you get 20% extra when you hit 300 articles. :)

  2. Thanks Angel! I am imagining it for sure and it's an exciting thought! That's fantastic news about Suite...I feel like I'm such a looooong way off from 300, but by the end of the year, who knows? Talk about great incentive right? I'm aiming for 50 in the next couple of months so that I can at least get the 10% bonus!


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