Thursday, January 20, 2011

My latest HubPages and Suite101 articles and my week so far

Well, I have lots to update in the writing area.  If you've read my other entries, you've probably seen me talking about the HubPages contest Money Grows on Hubs, for which I've been writing articles about personal finance throughout the month of January.  Well, last week, I won one of the daily drawings!  It was for my article Ways to Cut Costs When Planning a Wedding Yourself.  It's really exciting to win something, even if it is just a chance drawing - I feel like the laws of attraction are at work and all my positive thinking is paying off!

I've also published 3 new articles on HubPages for the contest this week:

Budgeting For Families: How to Save Money on Groceries

Kids and Money: Tips for Teaching Young Kids About Money

Tips and Tricks for Saving Money on Vacations

I also created a new lens at Squidoo, SweetMarie83's Online Article Directory.  It's a directory of all my online articles to use as a reference so that anyone who's interested can see all the links in one place instead of having to go from site to site since I write for a variety of different sites.

I've also added to my Books I've Read From the BBC's 100 Best Books List because I finished A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  It's something I've wanted to read for years but could never find it at the library, so before Christmas, I went in and they had changed things around and had a bunch of Christmas books right inside the door and there were a couple copies of A Christmas Carol so I grabbed one and didn't really have time to read it at Christmas, so just finished it this week.  It was my first Dickens and I really enjoyed it.

So, other than work, work and more work, I've been sticking to my work-outs and eating pretty healthy.  We had Logan here all day yesterday while Jamie and Amanda went out of town for a doctor's appointment.  He is seriously the best baby ever - almost a year old and in the 8 hours he was here, he didn't cry once.  He has an amazing attention span and will play with things much longer than we expect him to, and he's all smiles and giggles and babbles.  He's just learning to walk and it's like watching Captain Jack Sparrow with sea legs after imbibing in a bit of rum.  But when he turns around out of the blue and practically runs at me and throws his arms around me and snuggles in, it's the best feeling in the whole world.

 He's got all this crazy hair that has a mind of its own and it was just screaming for me to make it into a mohawk lol

So that's about it for this time.  I hope everyone else is having a great week!


  1. Great work you've got going there! And your nephew is a cutie. :) I've actually stayed on track somewhat this week. lol Keep up the good work. Always enjoy reading your updates. :)

  2. Thanks Angel, you're so sweet! And good for you! Sometimes it's not so easy, is it? lol


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