Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Day and my newest articles

Well, I've been meaning to write for the last few days, but haven't had much time.  I'm trying hard to reach my writing goal for February - I have 7 articles left to write and 6 days to do them.  This month seems to be full of interruptions and side trips, but I'm plugging away and doing my best.

Sunday the 20th was the anniversary of my Grampa's death.  He's been gone 13 years, and I can't decide if it doesn't feel that long or if it feels longer.  Sometimes it makes me sad because my brother and my cousins are all quite a bit older than me and knew Poppy differently than I did.  He had a stroke 2 days after I turned 2 years old and was never the same, so I never really got to see him in action the way the others did.  He was my brother's hero and my brother was his special little guy.  My brother followed him everywhere he went, always wanting to be involved in what Poppy was doing, helping him, watching him, just wanting to be with him.  Poppy was an amazing man and I love hearing stories about him from my Grama and mum.  

I'm not exactly sure when this was taken, but this is me, Poppy and Jamie

The HubMob topic of the week for last week was 'the uncommon history of common things'.  Our task was to pick a common object and write the history of it.  My first thought was rocking chairs - I have 3 of them, my nephews love my little child-sized rocking chair that I've had my whole life, and I just love to rock, I'd have a house full of rockers if I could lol.  So the resulting article is called A Brief History of Rocking Chairs and Their Rise to Popularity.  I'm amazed at the response I've gotten - it's funny how the articles I write that I don't think will necessarily do all that well but that I enjoy writing are the ones that seem to do the best.  It sure does make life interesting.

My other HubPages article this past week was something that had been on my mind for awhile, particularly since February 14th.  I debated whether to write about it but thought it would be cathartic and thought that maybe it could help a few people in some way.  I'm sure that for many people, when they have something happen that makes their faith waver, especially if their faith is strong, they feel a sense of guilt, so I thought it might help them to know that they're not alone, that many other people feel that way too.  I try to avoid the subject of religion whenever possible because I have beliefs that are quite different from most of the people I know, and it can be such a touchy subject with so many people and I'm not interested in getting into religious debates or being preached at.  So I tried to keep it sort of neutral while at the same time trying to get my point across - hopefully I succeeded. The article is called Is it Possible to Have Unwavering Faith When Faced With Grief and Loss?

I'm sort of all over the place, going from history to religion to babies and budgets to book reviews.  But as my friends and family would tell you, I'm extremely random, so I guess it shouldn't be surprising.  My two latest articles are Budgeting for the Arrival of Your Baby and Book Review: Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich, the first on Suite101, the second on HubPages.  11 down on Suite, 39 more to go until I reach my goal of 50 and an increase in revenue.  I still haven't set a date yet, I'm trying to decide what's realistic, but I guess I should stop waffling and just set a date and work my hardest.

Monday was Family Day and we had Jamie, Amanda, Noah and Logan over in the afternoon and for dinner, then went to visit Grama in the evening.  Grama hadn't seen the kids since her birthday in November and she was thrilled to see them.  Logan has changed so much in the last few months - Grama would comment on that every time I showed her pictures and she really noticed it in person.  She was in bed when we got there and both boys got in bed with her and were playing with her and her stuffed animals.  Noah asked her a zillion questions as usual, and Logan just sort of stared and kept touching her and then kissed her three times when we left, it was so cute.  I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful, beautiful family.

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