Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Review

Happy February, all!  

I hope everyone had a great beginning to 2011 with a wonderful January.  Mine was great - I achieved all my goals, learned a lot and I feel really proud of myself.

I'm usually not the best at sticking with goals.  Small goals I can handle but larger, more open ones, that's where it gets a bit sticky for me.  But, even knowing this, I wanted to make some big changes in 2011 and get good at making and sticking to goals, so I made a bunch for the month of January and I exceeded all of them!

My writing goals were to write 20 articles, and have at least 8 of them be about personal finance for the Money Grows on Hubs contest at HubPages.  I wrote a total of 21 articles, 13 of which were the contest.  I would have written a couple more articles except that I was sick the last week of January (and still am) and it slowed me down quite a bit.  Still, pretty good, I'd say!  

My final 2 articles for January were posted on Squidoo and Suite101: 

Homemade Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup
This is one of my favorite soups, something I played around with and perfected and it's delicious, so I thought I'd share it with the world.

Healthy Living: Staring a Walking Program
Walking is my personal favorite exercise, it's something I do almost every day for anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes or more.

Which brings me to my next big January goal, which was fitness and health related.  I had a goal to lose 8 pounds in January, and I almost reached that goal within the first week of the month.  I had thought I would weigh myself once a week like I usually do, but decided to wait to weigh and measure myself until February 1st, hoping the results would be great and it would be motivation to keep me going and prevent those dreaded setbacks.  So yesterday, I weighed and measured myself and I'd lost 14 pounds and 13 inches all over.  I couldn't believe it!  I weighed myself twice and measured myself about half a dozen times because I couldn't believe it and thought something must be wrong lol.  I'm so proud of myself - I worked really hard and I'm seeing results.

I'm also proud because I'm pretty much doing it on my own.  Every time I think I'm going to have a support system - a person or people who will join me in this weight loss journey so that we can support each other and encourage each other - it turns out that those people, for whatever reason, bail and I'm left once again doing it on my own.  This has been happening for a whole year, ever since I started my healthy journey.  I've had a number of people say they wanted to do it with me, be there for each other to give support, check in, exercise together, etc, and every single one has bailed on me.  So now I realize this needs to be a solitary journey, and if January's numbers are any indication, I think I've proved I can do this alone.  Not 100% alone of course - my mum, as always is a huge support and my Grama's always asking me how I'm doing (she was flabbergasted by my first week's weight loss), and is so sweet and supportive, but I need to find the motivation within myself to keep going.

My goals for February are pretty similar to my January ones.  I've had a slow start with being sick, I don't really feel like doing anything but I figured this blog was a good place to start.  It's going to be a busy month (and a shorter one) so I don't want to be overly ambitious, but I'm going to aim for 21 articles this month and another 8 pound weight loss.  I've also added a goal to work on a fiction piece - I'm really missing fiction writing, so whether it's a short story or starting work on the novel I've had on the back burner since last summer, I want to do some fiction writing.  

Good luck and many blessings to everyone for a happy, successful February!


  1. That is wonderful that you have exceeded your January goals! I wish all the best for you for Feb. I have no doubt you'll do better than you expected this month as well. :)

  2. Thanks so much Angel, that really means a lot! :-)

  3. Keep on going with those fitness goals. I wrote a couple articles on fitness on Suite 101. I usually work out alone except every now and then when I happen to run into a friend at the YMCA. I usually do my exercising before 6:00 am and not too many people are up for that - lol! And 20 articles is a super achievement. You have talent!

  4. Thanks so much Carol! I will have to check out your fitness articles on Suite, I'm always interested in reading anything about health and fitness. I can't imagine working out before 6am, good for you!


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