Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Logan's 1st birthday and my 2 newest articles

Logan's first birthday was Friday, February 4th.  I can't believe he's a year old - it seems like he was just born.  This past year has been amazing, and he's been a huge part of that.  He's such a happy little soul, so full of love and light and all the good things in the world wrapped up into a sweet little package with amazing kaleidoscope eyes and a smile that would melt even the coldest heart.  He's the best of all of us and he's touched our hearts and our lives so much.  

On Saturday, we threw a big family party for him.  Amanda, Jamie, Logan and I shopped all day Friday and spent all day Saturday preparing and then partying.  There were 22 people in all (Amanda has a huge family), and it was the most fun I've had in a long time.  Chaos, noise, people everywhere, kids running around yelling - it was terrific lol.  Amanda and I cooked a feast - turkey and all the trimmings - and made a beautiful pirate-themed cake (I nicknamed Logan Captain Jack when he started to walk and the whole pirate thing stuck lol).  I'd never really done much cake decorating before, so it was a lot of fun and something Amanda and I definitely want to pursue.

I wrote a Squidoo lens about do-it-yourself pirate-themed birthday cakes - I thought that anyone who was looking to save some money on the cake (I can't believe the cost of store-bought cakes these days!), might appreciate some ideas:

I also got another article written for Suite101.  It's one I started jotting ideas for a few months ago and then saw it on my list and thought it would be a good one to finish with Valentine's Day coming, but it works all year round too:

These are my first two articles for February.  I'm going to really have to kick it into high gear to reach my goal of 21 articles in February because I got a late start between being sick and helping to plan Logan's birthday party.  Good thing I'm up for a challenge!  I'm also thinking I should set a goal for when to have 50 articles written for Suite101 since you get a bonus in revenue once you hit 50 articles.  I only have 8 right now, so I'm trying to figure out what would be realistic since I write for 3 sites.  I guess I'll just keep plugging away and see where I am with my writing in a few weeks, whether I've reached my goal of 21 articles for February and reassess then.


  1. Awesome and already read it Mimi :)

  2. Logan has such a sweet look on his face in that picture. He looks like he was having a great time. :)

    I believe you can reach your goal this month. And I can tell you that I would go for the 50 as soon as possible. That 10% revenue increase is really noticeable. I am looking forward to reaching 300 and seeing that extra increase... I think it's 40%? Anyway, great job. Keep it up! :)

  3. Thanks Angel! Your comments always mean so much to me. Logan did have a great time, it was such a joy to watch him as we all crowded around him and sang, he looked so surprised then started to laugh lol.

    Thank you for your faith in me, it's given me a boost of confidence. I will definitely aim for the 50 as soon as possible now, I love seeing my revenue climb every day and if the 10% is noticeable, that would be really exciting! Best of luck to you with your 300, you've written a lot lately, so I'm sure it's much closer than you think. YOU keep up the great work, I've really been enjoying your articles! ;-)

  4. This looks so fun! You've done a much better job on the cake decorating then I would have. Good work :)

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)


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