Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trying not to get discouraged

I've been feeling really discouraged and frustrated lately.  I keep having these moments when I think that the whole world is against me until I realize how self-important and ridiculous that sounds and I try to move past it.  Writing is my passion - it's what I love, it's who I am, it's what I do, it's what I've always wanted to do and most likely what I will always want to do.  But it's not easy.  It's not necessarily the writing part I have a problem with, although I am an awful procrastinator.  It's more the waiting, wondering, hoping people will read my work and like it, hoping I'll make money from it, and not knowing what the future holds.

When I first decided to write articles, I had a lot of trouble deciding which sites to write for.  I first signed up with Demand Studios but unless you're a mechanic or engineer, the topics are nearly impossible to write about.  I did a total of one piece for them, enjoyed being paid up-front, but after weeks of trying to find topics that suited my knowledge base and not finding any, I gave up and moved on.  From there, I joined Xomba, then Suite101, then HubPages and Squidoo.  I heard from a few people that it was nearly impossible to make money with Xomba, and I decided just to use it as a bookmarking tool for my articles until they prohibited that and now I don't use it at all, although I've been thinking of posting a few bookmarks to interesting articles I've found because I figure even if it makes me a few bucks in Google revenue, it's better than nothing. 

I was having moderate success with Suite101 until the Google re-ranking and my page views and revenue have dropped big time.  I thought Suite101 was the most professional site out of all of them - I saved some of my better pieces for them - and now I feel sort of disillusioned because they've basically been blacklisted.  I won't be posting anything new there unless they find new sources of revenue for their writers, and I've decided that if things don't improve there in the next couple of months, I'll take my articles down and post them elsewhere.  Squidoo is a lot of fun but unless you're lucky enough to make a ton of affiliate sales, the money is crap.  EDIT: I just got my first Squidoo paycheck as I was about to post this and wanted to cry.  Their system is 2 months behind so this is the money I made in January.  I'm hoping the cheque I receive in April will be better because my knitting for a good cause lens spent most of the month in the top tier, so I should make decent money from it - at least I hope so!  Squidoo's a great place to link back to your other work though, and for pages that are purely for fun or created for the purpose of selling something, it's worth it.  I'm having the most success so far with HubPages.  My Google Adsense revenue is very modest so far but I've only been at it a few months and it's growing every week, so I can't really complain too much.  I hope it continues to get better, but for now, it's better than nothing and I'm slowly working my way toward my first Google payday.

I just feel like I've been busting my ass writing non-stop and not really getting anywhere.  I know it takes a lot of work, and I didn't think it was going to happen overnight or that I'd get rich quick - or get rich, period - but it really is discouraging at times.  And it's not all about the money, I've never had grand illusions of being rich, I'd just like to make a living from this and be comfortable financially.  I was so sure 2011 would be a year of great things for me, and granted it's only March, but I'm still waiting for those great things.  And I'm not just sitting around and waiting, I'm working hard toward them, and that gives me some satisfaction because at least I know that when it does happen - trying to stay positive here - I'll have worked hard and earned it.

I spent most of the day yesterday doing research after reading a really interesting post in the Suite101 forums.  I'm still working it all out in my head, but I will say that it's given me the first glimmer of hope that I've had in quite awhile, and it has to do with fiction writing, which is my first love.  I'm going to save that for my next blog post when hopefully my thoughts are a little less chaotic and I have a plan or goal in mind.  I think this is the kick I need to get back into fiction writing, and I'm going to try hard to rework my attitude and start thinking more positive thoughts.  I was doing well with the laws of attraction earlier in the year but after a few setbacks and disappointments, I sort of let the positivity fall by the wayside.  Hopefully an attitude adjustment and that little glimmer of hope I found yesterday will bring great things in the near future.


  1. I know how disappointing writing online can be at times. I have decided to focus on magazines (signed up for WritersMarket.com), niche blogs, and ebooks. Hopefully Suite101 will make a comeback. If so, I will write more articles for them.

    Sometimes we have to change our game plan, but don't give up writing if it's what you want to do. Take care and God bless! :)

  2. Those definitely sound like good places to focus your creative efforts. I've started a niche blog for my knitting stuff, I have no idea how well it will do, but I figured it's worth a shot and if I have some success with it, I'll branch out more. I hope Suite will make a comeback, I had such high hopes and I know you did too and you were working hard toward your goal of 300 articles for them.

  3. Bless you Marie. You are way younger than I am, so I encourage you to stick with it. I know you are committed enough never to give up, and I have a feeling you will make it big. But as all writers know, it can take a while. There is no shame in having a part-time job just to have regular income. If you are not worried about the bills, I think your writing time is more free, more creative,and just more pleasant!

    Like Angel, I am a member of WritersMarket.com and was concentrating on literary journals and writing contests until I tried web content writing and liked it. I'll probably continue with submitting to literary journals. I love HubPages for the freedom of style and the fun and encouraging feedback. I will probably submit to Suite 101 whenever I can come up with something that is a good fit for their milieu. My PVs have been fluctuating wildly by as much as a 200% difference from one day to the next.

  4. Thank you Carol, I appreciate that so much! I know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, that's why I tell myself it's silly to get discouraged this early in the game, but it feels like it's coming at me from all sides lately. I'm going to keep at it because it's what I want more than almost anything, so I don't think I could stop even if I wanted to! lol I've got a note on my to do list to check out WritersMarket.com - thanks aaain!


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