Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book Review: A Soul Less Broken by Helen Laibach

Published: September 15th, 2010
Publisher: Wheatmark (independent publisher)
eBook 473 KB (paperback is 178 pages)
Genre: Women's contemporary fiction
Acquired this book: From the author in exchange for a fair and honest review
Warning: may include spoilers

Synopsis of the book, taken from Helen Laibach's official website: After being brutally attacked, Catherine Wilcox must discover her own strength and courage as she struggles to piece her life back together. She finds herself falling in love with the emergency room physician who treats her, but soon realizes the attack has left her so emotionally scarred that she is forced to turn away the only man who truly loves her. And at a time when she feels her life is finally beginning to heal, Catherine must then face the devastation of learning that her dearest friend has terminal cancer.  In  A Soul Less Broken we follow Catherine as she discovers the depth of true friendship, the healing power of love, and the stamina of the human spirit.

A little bit about how I acquired this book:
In June, Helen contacted me to congratulate me on finishing the revisions of my novel, Blue Sky Days.  She told me she was a self-published author, offered me words of encouragement and advice, and asked if I would be interested in reviewing her book, A Soul Less Broken.  We talked about doing a guest post for my blog, but we're still working on that, so be sure to stay tuned!  After reading the synopsis and seeing the trailer for the book (which, by the way, Helen made herself, and is one of the most amazing book trailers I've seen to date), I was so glad Helen had contacted me.

What I thought of A Soul Less Broken:
This book is a beautiful story about love, loss, friendship, devastation, struggle, pain, and ultimately triumph.  It's the type of story that, even though parts are upsetting and maybe even a little disturbing, you're reminded of how precious and fragile life is, and it gives you the opportunity to hopefully look at life and your own life experiences in a different way.  Life can be brutal and cruel, and the world can seem like a terrible, scary place, but when you open yourself up, it can also be a beautiful place, full of wonder and love.

Catherine was such a strong, resilient character.  After being so brutally attacked and thinking she could never move on, she finds an inner strength she didn't realize she possessed, thanks in part to the help of her friend Madeline.  Cat realized that if you always act like a victim, you'll always be a victim, and that you have to find the strength inside of you and not be afraid to ask for help, even when it's difficult.  Although the love story in the book was romantic and had enough ups and downs to keep you interested and wanting more, it was the friendship between Cat and Madeline that was the shining relationship, at least for me.  If you've ever been lucky enough to have that kind of friend, you'll understand what I mean.

I really enjoyed the little details about the characters that Helen included - and not just the main characters, but some of the secondary and background characters, too.  They were things that give you real insight into each character, what makes them tick, what led them to become who they are, etc.   

I think this book will help women who have been through a similar ordeal.  Even for those who haven't, if you've ever struggled through a rough patch in your life and have found the strength to move on, you'll likely be able to sympathize with Catherine and draw strength from her character.

Be sure to check out Helen's website for information on where you can buy her book, both in eBook and print.  10% of the profits  from A Soul Less Broken will be donated to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network), and the National Brain Tumor Society.  If my review hasn't convinced you to buy this book, hopefully that will!

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