Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Author Guest Post ~ Monique Domovitch, author of Scorpio Rising

Thank you so much to Samantha from Chick Lit Plus for hosting this tour, and to Monique for being here with us today and sharing the things that inspire her! You can read my review of Monique's book, Scorpio Rising here.

By Monique Domovitch

Before I answer this, let me start by saying that the process of writing is nothing like many imagine it. It is not an almost mystical experience during which I am possessed by a story that demands to be written. I only wish it were that easy. The truth is that like just about every other job, inspiration is only a small part of the process of writing a book. In other words, I have to sit at my computer and write…and rewrite…and rewrite.

Inspiration, on the other hand, doesn’t come when I’m actually writing. It most often comes when I’m washing the dishes, or doing laundry, or during any mindless activity which allows my imagination to wander. It usually starts with a character, a person in a perilous situation and with a strong desire for love, success, revenge or money. From that little germ of an idea, I start building my story. I make my character escape his problems and begin to work toward reaching his goals, all the while overcoming as many obstacles as humanly possible. I make my characters full of strengths and weaknesses, qualities and flaws, which is what makes my stories character driven.

Everything other than my characters, are details that are usually inspired by current or historical events, which I fictionalize. That is how I created Alexander Ivanov an architect, and Brigitte Dartois an artist in my Scorpio Series.

In my next series—still unnamed—my main characters are the victims and the perpetrator of a Ponzi Scheme, inspired in part by the Bernie Madoff scandal. You can already guess the kind of story this will be—full of drama, and countless twists and turns. 

Monique Domovitch was born the first in a family of ten children in a small town in Northern Ontario, and maintains to this day that she was not harmed by the experience.
She attended The Sacred Heart Convent, a boarding school where she learned to keep her hands folded neatly in her lap and to smile vaguely when people use profane language around her.
Her first job was as a fashion model, and she is credited with the invention of the famous pouty pose that is now used by top models everywhere.
She has turned thirty nine again this year and pledges to do it again next year.
Just like everybody else in the world, she is working on a new novel, this one, her fourth.

***Note from Marie: Yay for Canadian authors! Especially ones from Ontario; I'm from south-eastern Ontario. :-) And look at that beautiful face...I'm surprised she's not still a model!***

What inspires you?


  1. I love hearing about how authors find their inspiration. It really is a different story for everyone. Thanks for sharing Monique!

  2. I love hearing about how others do it too. if anyone out there wants to share, please do. I'm sure Marie will welcome the comments.
    Monique Domovitch


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