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Book Review: Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch

Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch
Published: September 15th 2011
Publisher: Lansen Publishing
369 pages (paperback)
Genre: Adult drama
Acquired this book: From the author as part of the Scorpio Rising Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour
Warning: may include spoilers
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Guest post by Monique Domovitch: Inspiration

Synopsis: Some people have ambitions so great, that to achieve them, they must put aside all else. Alexander Yvanov is such a man. Born in Brooklyn from an embittered mother, he climbs his way to a better life in New York. Thousands of miles away, beautiful Brigitte Dartois, also has big dreams and raging ambitions. This is the story of two people whose single-minded obsessions are put to the test when they meet. Will they choose love or success?

Scorpio Rising has a very unique, interesting concept with characters that are just as interesting and unique.

Brigitte was very innocent and na├»ve. She genuinely thought that people would be willing to help her and expect nothing in return. You’d expect someone who had been through as much as she had would be much more jaded, but it was actually kind of nice that she retained some of her innocence. She was continually knocked down by life, but kept getting up and pushing on, which you had to admire her for.

Alex was independent and determined. He made up his mind to rise above his screwed-up childhood and make something of himself. Life Brigitte, he had his share of set-backs, but he never let them hold him back for long.

New York City and Paris are two cities I’ve always been fascinated with, so I enjoyed the two settings for the book, and thought they contrasted nicely.

Personally, I found there was too much random information about secondary characters. The story would be focused on Alex and then would all of a sudden switch to some secondary character and we’d follow along with them for a while, then switch back to Alex or to Brigitte. Then another secondary character would be introduced and we’d follow along with them. I think there could have been a bit less filler and that the book could have been a hundred or so pages shorter, because it seemed really long.

Also, the timeline jumped around a lot. A few days would pass, then a few months, then a year or so and I never quite knew how much overall time had passed, and whether Alex and Brigitte were following along the same timeline. That was a minor thing and didn’t necessarily affect the story itself, it was just a tad confusing at times.

I’m not exactly sure what genre this book is. I don’t think you could really call it a romance, because Alex and Brigitte didn’t even meet until 40 pages before the end of the book, then the relationship was more between Alex and Brigitte’s son than between Alex and Brigitte themselves. Then all of a sudden they were in love. It just seemed really rushed after waiting 300 pages for them to finally meet. I did appreciate the cliffhanger ending, and it made me curious enough that I will likely read the sequel, The Sting of the Scorpio.

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  1. Thanks for coming on tour with us Marie!

  2. Not entering the giveaway, but this does seem to be cross genres-not sure I could get through it knowing they don't meet till the very end of the book. It almost sounds like a UF book

  3. Hi Sweet Marie, thank you, thank you, for having me and my novel featured on your blog. Since having the book published I have been advised that the genre is literary fiction, a label I would never have dared use. You're right, of course, in that the novel does delve into the lives of secondary characters. These characters come back in the sequel where they become much much more important to the plot, and where the relationship between Alex and Brigitte develops much deeper. If you haven't got the Sting Of The Scorpio, I will gladly send it to you. Let me know,
    Monique Domovitch.

  4. Thanks for the review, it sounds intriguing!


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