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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Heart YA Giveaway Hop!

The I Heart YA Giveaway Hop is hosted by For Those About to Read, Fictional Distraction, and Michelle Madow.

For this hop, I'm offering an e-copy of my debut novel, Blue Sky Days

 A year after graduating from high school, nineteen-year-old Emma Ward feels lost. She has spent most of her life trying to please her frigid, miserable mother - studying hard, getting good grades, avoiding the whole teenage rebellion thing - and now she feels she has no identity beyond that. Because she spent so many years working hard and planning every moment of her life, she doesn't have any friends, has never had a boyfriend, and basically doesn't know who she is or what she really wants from life. Working two part-time jobs to save money for college hasn't helped her make decisions about her future, so she decides it's time for a change. She leaves home to live with her free-spirited, slightly eccentric Aunt Daisy in a small town that makes Emma feel like she's stepped back in time.

When Emma meets Nicholas Shaw, everything changes - he's unlike anyone she's ever met before, the kind of man she didn't even know existed in the 21st century. Carefree and spirited like Daisy, Nicholas teaches Emma to appreciate life, the beauty around her, and to just let go and live. Between Daisy and Nicholas, Emma feels like she belongs somewhere for the first time in her life, and realizes that you don't always need a plan - sometimes life steers you where you're meant to be.

Life is wonderful, an endless string of blue sky days, until Nicholas is diagnosed with cancer, and life changes once again for Emma in ways she never thought possible. Now it's time for her to help Nicholas the way he's helped her. Emma will have to use her new-found strength, and discover along the way if love really is enough to get you through.

I'm going to make this really simple:
*Open internationally.
*I'll contact the winner after the giveaway closes on the 20th, and they'll have 48 hours to respond, at which point if I haven't heard back from them, I'll choose another winner.
*The book is available in all e-formats, so you can choose the format for your reader, tablet, computer, whatever.

How to enter:
*Leave your name and email address (something like this: irishstar_83(at)hotmail(dot)com) in the comments below.

Extra entries:
*You don't have to follow my blog, but you'll get an extra entry if you do. Just leave the name you follow with.
*For another extra entry, tweet about the giveaway, and copy and paste the direct URL to your tweet with your comment. (You can make up your own tweet, or copy and paste this: I want to #win an #ebook of BLUE SKY DAYS by Marie Landry in the I <3 YA #Giveaway Hop! http://bit.ly/xd63Qg)


miki said...

i would be happy to discover your books thanks you a lot for this international giveaway

i'm a follower ( email and gfc: miki)


happy Valentine's day

Tee said...

Yay finally I have a eReader and can read your book!!


I follow under the name Tee@ Dreamingdreamsnomortaleverdared

tweeted here:

Happy Valentine's Day!!

MeghanGa said...

Thanks for the awesome Giveaway! :D Meghan gale - meghangale(at)rogers(dot)com
GFC Follower - MeghanGa

Judy said...


GFC follower-judy

Thanks for your giveaway.

kristina shields said...

gfc follower: kristina shields

thx for the giveaway!


Sina said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!

GFC name - Sina
Email - rosinacampbell at yahoo dot co dot uk

Vicki said...

Thanks for the chance to win!

Yvonne said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

GFC: Yvonne
Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/yleacy/status/169499265310277632


kswederski said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

kayswederski at yahoo dot com

Sandra said...

Thank you for the giveaway.
I follow via GFC.
Waiting For Wentworth: I HEART YA Giveaway Hop

deanna_boocock said...

Thank you so much for making international.
deanna_boocock (at) hotmail.com

Valerie StuckInBooks said...

Nice! I follow as StuckInBooks.


Tiffany said...

Thanks for the great giveaway.

GFC: tpulliam
NB: Tiff Pull



Persephone said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

wingedpersephone at gmail dot com

Sharmaine Chan said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm so glad I already have an e-reader!

GFC: Sharmaine Chan
Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/shaine_c/status/169873327274471424
email: me_winy AT yahoo DOT com DOT ph

Tressa said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
tressa dot sherman at hotmail dot com

Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) said...

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

GFC - Kristilyn

Emily @ Falling For YA said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

New Follower via GFC: Emily @ Falling for YA

Mary @SweepingMe said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

GFC-Mary @SweepingMe

mary_reiss @ hotmail.com

Renee G said...

Would love to win.

The Lovely Getaway said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway! :) New follower via gfc the lovely getaway

Diana M.

Clarissa (Bookadicea) said...

Thank you for this Awesome Giveaway!
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ame1184 said...

thanks for the giveaway!
GFC follower: alicia marie ezell
ame1184 at gmail dot com

Pain SUX said...

thanks for the giveaway.
soklad82 GFC

soklad at hotmail dot com

Stacy said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

the imagine tree at aol dot com

Fara said...

Gosh! Thx for the giveaway! I've been dying to read this book ever since I saw it. And I just LOVE the cover! =D

Email: farah-honey(at)hotmail(dot)com
Tweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/FaraHanany/status/171250953771679745

scottsgal said...

thanks for the chance
msboatgal at aol.com

Linda Kish said...

Thanks for the chance to be included for your giveaway.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

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