Monday, January 13, 2014

Simon & Schuster Canada's Winter Survival Package

One of the many things Canadians know well: winter. Most places in Canada have long, cold winters. In fact, it’s barely the middle of January and already this winter has been one of the worst I can remember. I’ve been snowed or iced in since the beginning of December, only venturing out when I absolutely have to.

The amazing people at Simon & Schuster Canada wanted to make the winter - and new year - a little better. They want to warm you up - mind, body, and soul. They’ve come up with a fantastic Winter Survival Package, complete with all the things you need to beat the winter blahs.

We Canadians are hardy people, and we can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us, right? But it would be easier to handle all that snow and ice and wind with some great new books and other goodies!

Head on over to the Simon & Schuster Winter Survival Package sweepstakes page and enter to win. Good luck, and happy winter (yes, that was said with a good dose of sarcasm on my part since I'm already tired of winter).


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