Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bookstagram Weekly Digest #2

Bookstagram Weekly Digest is a new feature here at Ramblings of a Daydreamer. Ever since my Instagram account morphed into a Bookstagram one a few months ago, I've wanted to do a weekly recap feature, and I decided it was finally time! Every Friday or Saturday I'll share the pictures I posted on Bookstagram the week before. I've seen a few other people posting weekly recaps, most recently Evie from Bookish Lifestyle, so be sure to check out her feature, too. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram and see my daily bookish pictures, I'm SweetMarie_83.

#FullyBookedJune16: Yellow Books
#SammyReadsJune16: Yellow/Orange Books

#SammyReadsJune16: Flip That Book
#FullyBookedJune16: Latest Book Purchase

#LilBookishJune: Book Tower

Doctor Who Funko Pops + TARDIS lamp + wibbly wobbly timey wimey books = Fandom Fun for day 5 of #LilBookishJune

#FullyBookedJune16 and #SammyReadsJune16 Currently Reading

#LilBookishJune: Book & Jewelry, featuring the beautiful Scottish thistle necklace I got for my mum for her birthday in April and the heart locket my aunt gave me when I graduated from high school
#SammyReadsJune16: Book & Candle

#FullyBookedJune16: POC Characters
#SammyReadsJune16: 5-Star Reads

#LilBookishJune: Book and PJs

This past week's Wanderlust Wednesday on the blog featured my 4.5-star review of Wanderlost by Jen Malone

#LilBookishJune: Favourite Literary Best Friends for National Best Friends Day
Anne Shirley and Diana Berry FTW!

#FullyBookedJune16: What's in my Summer Book Bag

#LilBookishJune: Childhood Favourites
I loved the Berenstain Bears and Robert Munsch books when I was little
Special appearance by my friend's 2-month old baby, who spent the day with me on Thursday

I was tagged by beasts.shelf to do the Spell Your Name in Books tag, which was super fun.

Every week I'll be featuring a favourite bookstagrammer who I'd recommend to people who love looking at bookish pictures as much as I do!

This week's feature Bookstagrammer is beasts.shelf. All the pictures in this creative feed feature Beast (in Funko form) and have funny, thoughtful captions. The lovely person who runs this feed is so much fun to chat with, and I've grown to love our conversations.

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